NEWS                       (Updated August 2020)

Like most everyone else, we're still in lockdown mode. But we have played a few virtual live shows. You can see them all on the gigs page.


Most recently, on 15th August, we played a couple of songs, as a full band, forthe Wedding Present's virtual festival, At The Edge Of The Sofa. On 16th April, we played an acoustic show on Facebook. Plus, we played a couple of songs for one of MJ Hibbett's  Totally Acoustic shows.


We have been doing lots of recording. We recorded some covers for our friend Rui's radio programme in Coimbra, Portugal. We are also just finishing up the mixing on our third album.


Amelia and Rob have also just released their first album with Steve Miles as European Sun. It is on WIAIWYA and can be heard and purchased here. 


In the meantime, the latest Catenary Wires album 'Til The Morning' is still fairly new, and there is plenty of information about it, including photos and a press kit on the Tapete site.

small_IMG_0521 TR438_The Catenary Wires_RGB