The Catenary Wires

The Catenary Wires' third album, Birling Gap, is due in June 2021, preceded by 7" single Mirrorball (a love song inspired by eighties discos). Album and single are released on Shelflife Records (US) and Skep Wax Records (UK and rest of world).

The Catenary Wires formed in 2014, initially as a duo.

Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey had previously been in Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap. The first Catenary Wires album Red Red Skies (Elefant/Matinée Recordings, 2015) was a marked departure from the fuzzy girl-group pop of their earlier bands. It was sparse, emotive and melancholy. A one-off 7" single What About The Rings? followed (WIAIWYA, 2018).

With the release of their second album Til The Morning (Tapete, 2019), the band expanded to include contributions from Andy Lewis (bass), Fay Hallam (vox, keyboards) and Ian Button (drums). The sound was getting bigger, although the core of the band remained the dual vocals of Amelia and Rob. With the third album, everyone is involved and The Catenary Wires are now a fully-fledged five-piece pop band.

The band’s name refers to the chain of curves made by the overhead cables seen suspended from pylons or above electric trains, cables that can seem to lead you off to somewhere different and unknown.

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Amelia Fletcher

(vocals, harmonium)

Rob Pursey

(vocals, guitar)

Fay Hallam

(Hammond organ, backing vocals)

Ian Button

(Drums, backing vocals)

Andy Lewis

(Bass, production)


Live videos

Other music

As well as Catenary Wires, the various band members have a variety of other musical activities.

Rob, Amelia and Ian play in Swansea Sound with Hue Williams (ex-Pooh Sticks). Their debut single 'Corporate Indie Band' was released in October 2020. Their second single 'I Sold My Soul On eBay' was released in January 2021, with a single 7" sold via eBay auction. Their third single 'Indies of the World' is released March 2021 on 'Labels of the World' Skep Wax, HHTBM, Formosa Punk, Lavender Sweep, and Shiny Happy Records.

Rob, Amelia and Ian play in European Sun with Steve Miles. Their debut album was released in October 2020 on Wiaiwya.

Rob and Amelia play in The Drift with Darren Pilcher. In November 2020, they released a poetry/music collaboration with Canterbury-based poet, Nancy Gaffield. Pamphlet and CD by Longbarrow Press. Digital audio from Skep Wax.

Fay makes music in her own name and also in Il Senato with Andy.

Ian has his own band, Papernut Cambridge.

Andy and Ian play in Louis Philippe and The Night Mail with Robert Rotifer.

Rob and Amelia also run the Skep Wax record label, while Ian co-runs the Gare du Nord label.