NEWS                       (Updated 4 August 2019)

As you can see from the twitter feed below, we finally made it to Tallulah Gorge in North Carolina, after a fab show in Athens Georgia. Our next show will be in New York - a duo show again.


We are also pleased to announce that we will be doing a session with the full band for Marc Riley on BBC6Music, 7-9pm, on Wednesday 9 October. This replaces the session we sadly missed when Amelia, Andy and Ian got stuck on -and then 3 hours later evacuated from - a very hot train from Euston!


We will also be playing a few more shows throughout the rest of this year to promote our latest album 'Til The Morning', which is out on Tapete Records. (There is plenty of information about it, including photos and a press release, on the Tapete site). See the gigs page for more details of the shows. More will be announced over the coming months.


16.08.  New York, Berlin Under A

13.09.  Salão Brazil, Coimbra, Portugal

14.09.  Camones Bar, Lisbon, Portugal

08.11.  Shinjuku, Tokyo, Marz

09.11.  Koenji, Tokyo, High

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