Mojo (June 2021)

Uncut (June 2021)


Veteran indie luminaries’ third

emphasises the sour and the sweet

With songs about middle-aged divorcees

at 1980s revival discos (“Mirrorball”, a

trumpet-embellished Nancy & Lee

tribute performed by The Go-Betweens)

and suicidal leave-voting patriots

in Robin Reliants (“Three Wheeled

Car”), Birling Gap represents a sincere,

empathetic attempt to embrace and

dissect Englishness and middle age.

C86 linchpins Amelia Fletcher and

Rod Pursey’s methodology is more

polished now but their articulate

sincerity and melodicism stay true

to their roots: “Always On My Mind”

is Mamas & The Papas jangling with

a sugar rush and “Like The Rain”,

in contrast, is suffused with regret.